Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping helps you change a negative to positive and drive change.

With 20+ years of unparalleled experience and successful cases, RML knows the proper design, methodology, and insight generation of mystery shopping. We provide a program of objective assessment that truly measures the service quality of frontline operation. More importantly, it means a solid program that earns the trust from frontline staff.


  1. Increase revenue and customer loyalty by enhancing engagement of frontline staff at multiple touch points and product selling skills.
  2. Inspire employees to learn from top performers, best practice, and market intelligence.
  3. Improve with true action planning, driven in part by state of the art reporting portal.
  4. Offer the most accurate and comprehensive observation to improve your service by top quality mystery shoppers.


Mystery Shopping is relevant in any industry that incorporates any interaction, touch points, between employees and customers. We have managed successful projects with clients of the following industries:

Automobile, Call Centre, Cosmetics, E-commerce, Food & Beverages, Banking, Insurance, Luxury Retail, Medical Centre, Property, Transportation, Telecom, Supermarket

Why RML mystery shopping?

We specialize in the design, implementation, and action planning of mystery shopping for clients in Asia Pacific region, including China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, and Korea. Over the years, we partnered with numerous service-oriented organizations to promote service excellence through mystery shopping.

We deliver a BETTER mystery shopping solution with the following advantages.

  1. Years of solid experience and successful cases in mystery shopping
  2. Fast and fresh results to drive insights and service improvement
  3. Efficient, user-friendly reporting to enable better understanding and internal communication
  4. Mystery shoppers of the most relevant demographic spectrum, corresponding to client's customer profile
  5. Customized and comprehensive training program for mystery shoppers to ensure fair scoring
  6. Stringent, detailed QA process to establish a trusted system

RML's mystery shopping is developed in 5 phases to maximize the impact of customer service enhancement. It is proven as an effective model to assess the true service quality and selling skills of frontline operation.

1. Design: Consultative process with stakeholders

2. Alignment: Communication initiatives with users, creating the foundation of a successful program

3. Assessment: Process to develop assessment criteria of service quality and selling skills

4. Analysis: Insightful reporting

5. Action: Development of specific action plans