Consumer Research


Businesses of every industry struggle to maintain a close relationship with their customers. These are the also people who really hold the key to your future. It is not a daunting task to find out what they think, but you cannot always expect them to tell you without being asked. Quantitative survey fulfils core management objectives by identifying customers' behavior and perceptions / needs on your products, service, brand image, etc. Conducted with your targeted customers and/or staff, RML provides actionable results for your company.

  1. Customer satisfaction
  2. Consumer attitude and behavior
  3. Effectiveness of marketing campaigns
  4. Product evaluation


RML makes use of the most appropriate data collection method to collect quality information, when deemed best fit to the research objectives.

  1. Focus group
  2. On-line / smartphone survey
  3. Telephone interview
  4. Street-intercept
  5. Central-location interview
  6. Industry interview